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Monumental Cemetery of the Misericordia
Via dei Tufi


The Camposanto della Misericordia is run by the archconfraternity of the Misericordia, based in an oratory building in Siena It is something of a showplace of 19th century Sienese sculpture and art.

It was built to designs by the architect Lorenzo Doveri on the site of a demolished Olivetan convent just outside the city walls beyond the Porta Tufi. Work began in 1843. In 1866 responsibility for the works, unfinished after Doveri's death, were taken over by his pupil  Giuseppe Partini. It was completed in 1875. Later modern additions do not blend well with the 19th century structures.

The original core of the cemetery consists of two large fields on different levels and linked by steps (see right). Under the cloister-like arcades are large vaulted underground galleries, accessed by spiral staircases and larger flights. Down here is also the Voltoni. Held up by large clay pillars, it is thought to have been the crypt of the ancient monastery of Monte Oliveto.

The large statue of The Risen Christ in the courtyard of the main entrance (see right) is by the Sienese sculptor Vico Consorti and was made for the renovated crypt of San Domenico, where in November 1938 the remains of ten local 'fascist martyrs' were ceremoniously placed in a specially designed sacrario. No trace of this sacrario remains, but the Risen Christ was brought here. No label is attached to even hint at its history

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